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how to run Local system Video Files

Hi ,


I need to run local drive (system) Video files in vf page.


I approached like the below .


my file location isfile:///D://Videos/movie.ogg


<apex:page >
<video width="320" height="240" controls="Controls" >
<source src="file:///D://Videos/movie.ogg" type="video/ogg" />


thanks in advance.





You can't do this using regular web technologies as it would be considered a security flaw in the browser to provide direct access to the local file system.  You'd need something like a Java applet I reckon.


Many Thanks bob,


My Client need to have one "Play" button on Record Detail page and he will be having files in his local system. so when the User hits play button I need to play Videos from Local system. so if i use Java applet , I think I can not acheive this functionality.


And I tried Using java Applet I am able to  play  Video files but how can I link that to my Salesforce Detail page button.


If you have any references , could you please help me on this.  


What would be the better approach to acheive this functionality.


Many Many Thanks bob.