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Iframe not displayed in VF page

Hello All,


Observed mentioned any website URL in iframe parameters is not displayed in chrome browser. But, this works well in IE browser prompting with 'View all content' message.


Help me out in understanding.


Thanks in Advance.

Ben KoalaBen Koala

I had the exact same problem and it ended up being a "Blocked loading mixed active content".  However, that error did not show up in any of the logs until I disabled every extension in firefox.

The page/iframe did work in both IE8 and Safari 5, but it also failed in crome.  It would be worth checking those browsers.


The root cause of the errors is switching between https and http.  Firefox has now enabled blocking mixed active content by default in the newer versions.




We had the same issue and reported it to Salesforce.  Turns out Google released a new version earlier this week that created VF problems.


Try updating to Chrome version 31.0.1650.57 and see if that resolves your issue.  It did for us.