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flag boolean

I need to create a flag to identify when the permanent address is different from the temporary address.


I would appreciate if someone can explain me what this flag is. I understand is a Boolean operation insert in the Apex code but not sure how to do it or

how it works.




So in salesforce you can designate a flag as a checkbox. The value of the checkbox is a true or false, so it is considered as a boolean.


Does that answer your question?


Thanks for your answer. What I'm looking for is how to create a flag to be inserted in an Apex controller. It's just a boolean operation used when SF sends information to an external system via Webservice. The Webservice sends a message indicating that the permanent address is the sames as temporal address (True value) or that permanent address is different from temporal address (False value).



Why don't you just reference rthe value of the checkbox field? A controller can retrieve the value of the checkbox field and send it to a webservice.


You will have to create a checkbox field at the backend, which will have its value set as true if the permanant add is same as temp add or the otherwise (set some rule or field update for this).

And then refer this when calling webservice.


Thanks! I know how to create a checkbox in SF but I'm new in programming in APEX. Can anyone explain me how to reference in APEX the checkbox to later send it via WebService? Code examples will be very much appreciated! 

Hi there,
I need to:
- Create a Queue when registering.
- User Registration and Property Registration.
- 1 - Customer Service
- 2 - Capture
- 3 - Property
Customer Service
If so, that is, if the consultant is a corporate.
If not, the Flag should capture the next consultant from a non-corporate group.