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Saravanan @CreationSaravanan @Creation 

Could not resolve the entity from <apex:outputFieldvalue binding '{!AAA__c.BBB__r.XXX__c}

Hi Team,


Below line i am getting the error,


Error: Could not resolve the entity from <apex:outputField> value binding '{!AAA__c.BBB__r.XXX__c} <apex:outputField> can only be used with SObjects, or objects that are Visualforce field component resolvable.


<apex:outputField value="{!AAA__c.BBB__r.XXX__c}" />


Actually this same code is working in sandbox
but not in production .


pls give me some solution.





Could you please validate if relationship name "BBB__r" is same on both sandbox & production?



Saravanan @CreationSaravanan @Creation

hi ,


Thanks for your reply .


Both are same only . And one more thing Standard controller getRecord method is not working properly