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Creating a survey page which will insert itself into salesforce

Hey, is it possible to create a survey object where a link can be sent to a client, the client upon clicking the link is re-directed to a web page with a form and upon filling the survey it will insert itself into the object, under the neccessary account? 


If yes, how would I go about doing this?


Any help or tips would be very much appreciated.  



you can use salesforce public site for it
i believe that can solve your problem please let me know need further details on this

I would love further information. In the back of my mind, I remember doing tutorials for something along those lines where I would make a visualforce form and give it access to update salesforce. But, I was not sure if i was imaging things. How would I go about doing this? 

You can enable public site in you salesforce org and ypu can assing a Visual Force page ad default lending page
as it was public it done not any authentication

and as you have enable the Sites salesforce provide you an URL

send this URL to your uses before sending it to users append a parameter in the end of URL say

so your final URL look like something
<YourSiteURl>?ParantAccountID = <SalesforceIdOfRecordBelowwhichYouWantToSavethisServay>

and as your VF page is associated with apex class
you can take do the insert call on survey object to save the record and you can get the parentID in apex code from the URL

Thank you so much for your time, would you be able to provide some example code on what the class and VF might look like? Are there any extra costs associated with using salesforce sites?




As per my knowledge it is possible to create what you are trying.


This is same scenario as our WEB-TO-Lead scenario. Salesforce has given this feature and code :). I guess you just need to customize this as per your requirement ( like changing object from lead to your objectname and fields). Try this, hope this resolves your problem.


for web to lead reference you can go through this link.