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Syndication Feed Query on Custom Objects



I have seen other threads but none with a solution for my problem. I've created simple queries for the syndication feed on standard objects like accounts, but the information I need is in a custom object. The code looks like this:



select name from ts2__Job__c

 The error I get is this: 


Query: The SOQL for this feed refers to an invalid object type. Check the syntax of the query and make sure that any objects referenced are readable via your site's public access settings.

 I've made sure the object is readable, and I've even used the system log to make sure the query is valid. It does return results there, however not in the syndication field. Are there other limitations restricting me?


The custom object is managed, which may have something to do with it.


Any help is much appreciated!




did you deploy your managed package? In order to work with site it mist be in deployed status.


Yes, very much so- we're using JobScience(the above-mentioned managed package) for most of our everyday activities right now. 




I have also facing same problem... did you solved??? please help me...