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CSS file from Static Resources might not be loading



On some browsers our sites page looks like the css file did load. I am storing the css file in a static resource and it works perfectly on my work computer and my home computer.


I used the development feature in Safari to view the site in all sorts of browsers and it looks just fine.

But when this one customer looks at the site it looks like the css file didn't load.


Can some browsers reject linked CSS? That would seem odd.

Also the graphics are showing up fine, and they are in the same static resource zip file.




Can you post a link?


Actually yes,

The CSS in static resources does not load properly in some browsers. Just try put them in <style> tags.

It worked for me only when I put my css this way. and I know it very odd.


It was an issues with the browser settings. To fix the problem the browsers "Compatibility View" needs to be checked. I only found this to be an issues in IE.


can you please tell we where we need to check the browsers compatibility vew? and what changes needs to be done

to order the vf page looks same in all browsers.

Not just wioth CSS, I am fdacing many problems in IE

Like Site Vf pages command button is not working in IE.

Need help to fix this.


Thanks in advance!



You need to change compatibility view mode on ie, go to tools, check Compatibility mode