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Unable to logIn to salesforce


I'm currently using salesforce free licence.

I created a user and provided the user with profile as "Some custome profile". Now the problem being that whenever this user try to login, system doesnt allow it to get in. But if i change the user profile to system administrator, USer can get in.


I'm not sure what i'm missing.





hi varun,


can u tell me what is the error u r getting while trying to login.I cant understand onething. If you are not able to login how can u change the profile as system admin.


sorry i am a bit confused.:smileywink:


Go to Setup -> Manage Users -> Login History as the sys admin and you should be able to see the reason why login failed.



I as (sys admin) can get in but all those users that i created is where i'm getting problem.


I (sys Admin) can get in but the users that i craeted are having trouble get in when assigned a custom profile .

But when the same user is given sys admin profile, he's able to get in. The same user in having trouble when givenany other custom profile.


I hope i cleared the haze,.