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Using VF pages as dashboard widgets

I am well versed in reports and building dashboards with reports. What I am not versed in is using VisualForce pages on dashboards.


What I am trying to accomplish is essentially a dynamic dashboard of indicators showing a list of objectives and their level of completion at any given time.


Picture a page full of power meters where the left side is red and 0% and the right is green and 100%. Since there is no dashboard widget like this (gauge is not the same and pie does not suffice for many objectives), is it feasible to use VF pages or S-Controls to accomplish something like this? Does anyone have code for a VF page that could display the results of a report in a dynamic fashion?




i am in the same issue and i figured it out we cannot achieve this using VF pages only. WE need google visualization API installed in our org. And using that standard classes we should write the VF page and behind the controller.check the link the below for further details.




Thank you for the information.


I am playing with the Google API charts and have embedded one into a VF page but what shows on my VF page is not the same as what I see on Google's chart wizard. The chart on the wizard shows the arrow at the designated data point (100% or all the way to the right of the Google Success+Meter), but the chart on my VF page shows the arrow vertical in the center.

Any thoughts?


yaa its a little tricky the documentation also is not so clear .It would be better if somebody post their code .i tried but i couldnt achieve it as i wished.