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VisualForce Page not visible via external website

I have created a Visualforce Page from Develop/Pages with Salesforce. When I reference this from within Salesforce using /apex/pagename it is displayed. When I reference this page from within our website, I am getting the page does not exist down for maintenance.


I have taken a clone of an existing page and I thought it woudl work fine as the orginal works ok, the ony difference I can see is that the security on the orginal file has 2 profiles and the clone only has one. I cannot find the other profile to add to the clone page. Do you need to assign profiles to pages under Security to make them visible or Have I missed out a step when trying to publish this page.


Your help would be appreciated.


Kind regards




The profiles for sites are a bit confusing, they are hidden in most of the application setup.


To add the visualforce page to your site, go to the Site Detail page (Setup -> Develop -> Sites -> <name of the site>) and you'll see a list of pages allowed for your site. Here you can add pages for your site.


Adding page to site will resolve your problem


Also If you use any static resources in the VF page , Make this Static resources as Public

By go to Static resource ==> edit ===>

and set Cache Control Value as "Public"