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Using getContent() in Force.com Sites

I'm trying to use getContent() on the Force.com sites to pull some files with data in from a static resource.


I've been able to do it successfully with a normal Salesforce app, but in Sites I can't seem to get any data. It puts me straight onto a maintenance page with no error messages or debug logs (as I'm only a guest).


Does anyone have any ideas?


Probably, you get the error message when you use preview as admin option in Sites. 


I don't even know how to preview as an admin...


I thought there was only one option and that was to just view the site as anyone would?


Setup>Develop>Sites> Select a site, and you can see "preview as admin"....


Ah! Okay - Got the following error:


An error has occurred while processing your request. We apologize for the inconvenience. Error ID: 2134096678-2176 (-380718662)


Which is pretty useless overall.

I am calling this static resource from a PageReference in my apex code:



PageReference pr = new PageReference('/resource/'+resourceFile+'/html/siteFooter.html');
return pr.getContent().toString();




I've passed along this issue to the salesforce technology team.


Feel free to contact salesforce support (support@salesforce.com) and log a case for more frequent updates.


I do not have developer support. Is that required to track this and see what the cause of this is?