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Regarding VF page creation

i want build a build vf page.that contains 3 columns..

it contains multuple rows..all are picklist values.if i select a value from country pick list associcted state picklist only showed in the state picklist field.and then id i select state from picklist i have to show only associted citeis in city picklist filed.

can some one give idea's to create this page


Thanks in advance






You can use attributes "Column=3" and "row=20" for defining column and row in your VF page.


For examples refer following guide:  http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/pages/


i didn't understand ur answer....


Could you tell me about the fields. country, state, city are in the same object? or difference objects with lookup/master-details relationship?


If you can tell me, I shall pass SOQL query, controller logic, vf components to you.