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How do I get to know the thorrow knowledge on Packaging ?




Find the pdf here. Also here and here


Pacakage in salesforce are separated by two types,


1.Managed Package

2.Unmanaged package


=> In managed package u cannot see modify any content like apex class,fields,etc...Except visualforce page. Once managed package created and published you cannot delete that package.. This managed package used to publish your app in appexchange.. Only one managed package able to create in developer account.


==>Simply unmanaged package opposite to managed..



For more details,




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follow the below link which was posted by Arun and go thorugh  Force.com Quick Reference for Developing Packages. document.



To get the better understanding create 2 developer orgs and use one org as package org and other org is customer org.


A - Development and Packaging

B - Installed the latest urls on this org.


You will get better idea once you follow the above approach.


Thank you!