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How is a Web service and SOAP related ?

How critical is it to test on QA perspective?

SOAP API and REST API are two commonly used API's to expose your data from force.com platform to the other platforms(JAVA ,.NET ,etc) or to allow external application to invoke Apex methods
1.REST and SOAP are the two web service frameworks available on the Force.com platform. 
2.The SOAP API uses authentication with username and password, and communicates using XML messages. There are different API's to work with the Enterprise, Partner, Bulk, Metadata etc. 
3. SOAP API Requires WSDL for the integration
4.The REST API uses HTTP to authenticate, it uses a token authentication and can use OAUTH to authenticate, it communicates using JSON messages
5.REST API is generally lighter weight than the SOAP API, works well with mobile applications especially.





1.SOAP on the other end is more heavyweight than REST and is also backed up by a large set of specifications. But because it is more complex (SOAP used to be the acronym for Simple Object Access Protocol – which proved to be... NOT) SOAP is not liked by lots of people.



You can also use Apex SOAP and REST Web services to expose data from platform or allow an external application to invoke Apex methods.


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