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Can you hide custom object/setting records?

We have a free app installed in our org from the app exchange that has a "Settings" tab that loads a visualforce page with various fields denoting different settings.  These settings can all be accessed again by going to that tab, which loads the visualforce page, which loads all the saved settings from... somewhere in the org.


My question is... how do I locate the "somewhere" that the settings get stored in?  I initially assumed that the settings must get stored in one of the custom objects that get created when the app is installed, but I used the Workbench to view every single record in the org with the package prefix, and none of the settings get saved to any of those objects... that I *KNOW* of.


That then leads into my second question (and this is probably my main question)... is it possible for a custom settings object or a custom object to be configured so that even the system administrator can't view the records contained in that object (like maybe some kind of special setting that you can only setup when making an app for the app exchange)?


Any ideas would be hugely appreciated!


It could be that the object where the settings are being saved is a class and not an object created from the UI.


Please go to Customize > Develop > Apex Classes and check to see if the package has created any classes.

If yes, go to the class and search for the settings fields.