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Sites registration flow questions


I am having some difficulty getting the Sites registration flow to work.  I have read the login setup instructions for both Sites and the Customer Portal, as well as the article about authenticating users on Sites.  We have implemented a custom SiteRegister form,and defined various access settings and profiles, but are not seeing the behavior we'd expect.  I'm sure it's our misunderstanding or operator error, but any insights on what we may be doing wrong would be much appreciated.
- Sites and Customer Portal enabled and configured in a Partner DE org
- Login settings for site set to 'Customer Portal'
- Active Site Home Page set to SiteRegister
- Self-registration settings for CP are set as follows:
  - Registration enabled
  - Default new user license: High-volume Customer Portal
  - Default new user profile: Custom profile 'P', based on High-volume Customer Portal profile
- VF page 'Public', as well as SiteLogin and SiteRegister pages, are enabled for:
  - the site
  - Guest profile
- VF page 'Private' is enabled for the HVCP profile 'P' above
- Page 'Public' links to page 'Private'
Expected behavior 
1. Navigate to 'Public'; click on link to 'Private'
2. Be presented with (redirected to) the login page for the site--SiteLogin (that presumably would also have a link to SiteRegister)
  a. Login and be redirected to 'Private'; OR
  b. Register and be redirected to 'Private'
Observed behavior 
1. Navigate to 'Public'; click on link to 'Private'
2. Redirected to a page that looks like the customer portal 'Home' page.  No additional prompts or error messages.
While I could very much allow that there are still bugs in the custom registration code, it doesn't seem like we're even getting that far, since we're never prompted to login or register.  So, I'm guessing it's a matter of getting the configuration right, but am honestly getting lost in the permutations of the config options.
Can any one offer hints for areas of further investigation?  (Of course, if you want to just come out and tell me what I'm doing wrong, that's fine as well!  :-)  )
Thank you in advance!



Are you maybe already logged in?


I'd start by going to /secur/logout.jsp in your browser then trying again. Also, do you have a link you can share?


Hi Ryan,


Thanks for the response.  No, I shouldn't be logged in--I've done this from a separate browser, without any active SFDC sessions (and have tried this several times, to confirm).  Please try this link:




And press the 'Apply for Rebate' button.  You'll see that you'll be take to (or at least I am):




That's the right link, but that page (TestLoginFlowNext) isn't exposed/published via the Site.  It IS exposed via the customer portal (through one of the profiles), but I would have expected to be prompted to log in before being granted access to anything in the portal.


What, in general, triggers the SiteLogin page to get invoked?  I have always assumed that there was some 'magic' that redirected to it for pages requiring authentication, but maybe I've misunderstood?


Thank you in advance for you help,





When I go to 



in my browser, it's giving me a 401 error (Unauthorized) and displaying the authorization required page, which has a login component on it.


Is that what you see? Is this different than what you would expect?