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creating a multi-part, multi-obj web form

I am trying to create an online student application. The application is quite lengthy, so ideally I want to break it up into multiple pages, using a "next" button. Also, while most of the info is on the student record (PersonAccount), some info goes into custom objs with a master-detail relationship to the student record.


I was hoping to do this with cmsForce2, but it looks like this is too complicated for that. If anyone knows a good app or tool to do this, I would love to know. Barring that, I am assuming I am going to have to create custom Visualforce pages with custom controllers.


Now I have some experience creating Visualforce pages and writing some apex triggers, but nothing on this scale.


So, how would I

1. submit the first page to the PersonAccount (all fields are on the Contact side), retrieve the id and send it as a hidden field to the 2nd page? Would I just extend the Contact controller or do I need to write something new from scratch?

2. submit to the custom objs?

3. If the applicant quits in the middle, to rollback the changes as we do not want a half filled out application?


Thanks for speedy answers to any or all of the above mentioned questions and any other advice anyone can give.


Force.com Flow is GA... sounds like it would be exactly what you are looking for.