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processing DML

I have a multi-part form, which cycles from page to page, collecting info, and then on the last page saves the SObjects that have been created along the way.


This includes a Person Account, and severl custom objects. I have enabled read/create perms on Accounts, Contacts, and the relevant custom objs in the Site Public Access Settings.


When I do this inside SFDC it works fine, however when I try from the public site it naviagates from page to page, but when I try to save I get a 401 - Authorization Required page. I know its not the Confirmation page that is supposed to appear after the save as I tried by-passing the save and going directly to the confirm page, and it worked.


I assume this is something to do with perms on doing DML. I am only inserting. I am currently running in a sandbox.






Check the object permissions on the public Access settings whether they the create, edit and delete options has been checked or not.