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Error: The site is not enabled for login.

I have created a Site....Also I have adforded login page for that site.....How to enable users for that site.....when i try to login using Developer edtion credentials it shows



Error:The site is not enabled for login.



Plz clear my  doubt......


Have you checked the login settings. Login must be enabled there. When you go to your site detail page, you will see a button for "login settings" besides "public access settings". Click on login settings and see if the enable login checkbox has been checked or not.


Check the login settings and that should work.


Can't get this to work either. I have no ability to change the options.


Contact your salesforce administrator and check with him you do not have admin rights to your instance.


If you are unable to login in sites so follow these steps to het login settings.


Setup--> Dvelop-> sites-> Login settings


Note: Make sure You have enable a customer portal setting via these steps


Setup-> customize-> Cusomer portal-> Goto setting ->create a new customer portal setting after that you can login  setting through sites.