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is this task is possible in force.com sites or not?

I want to create a site.My task is below...


User should login to see the site.


If User "A" login means, sub members of "A"(that is  A1,A2,etc.,) alone  should display in site.

If User "B" login means, sub members of "B"(that is B1,B2,etc.,) alone should display in site.


Also, User should be able to add new sub members to his account. (that is, User A should add a sub member A3,User B should add a sub member B3)....


All these are done in site itself. User should not go to Salesforce organisation to add users and add updates to sites.


By using Force.com,   Is it possible or not......


If possible how to do that???....by which Edition is best for this task(Free Edition or Developer Edition or any other Edition)....


Plz anybody can help???


I'd say that this is possible in sites. You'll need to have a custom controller that inspects the details of the currently logged in user and retrieves the sub records appropriately.  The same concept for adding new sub members.  The UserInfo class allows you to determine the id and some basic information about the currently logged in user.