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What is site force

What is site force.....My point of view Site force is Creating sites through  Force.com Developer Edition>setup>Develop>sites>create domain name>create site....

is it correct ???


Then what is the difference between ISV force and AppExchange???


I am newbie to cloud....I have lot of confusions....If i ask in Discussion boards..here also no proper reply.....


Please  reply me....


Siteforce = NotReadyWare, the child of the SiteMasher aquisition that SF announced at DF10 and isn't live yet

ISVForce = likely some major update to AppExchange, or just a rebranding, that isn't ready yet




hi ram2force,


The Force.com Sites and Site Force is totally different where as the Force.com Sites is constructed using the custom VisualForce Pages or with standard pages, but, Site Force is separate thing where u can build ur website in just three steps, such as,


1. Design the Site,

2. Build it in Site Force,

3. Publish to Live Site.


it is the easiest way to develop a website as quick as possible. Ficoworld.com is a website, which is created using the Site Force in just 4 hours. It is that easy and so simple too..


Then, second one is ISV and AppExchange..

1. ISV is nothing but a Independent Service Vendors. The companies which develops a product and List it in the AppExchange, they are called as ISV's.

2. AppExchange is the place where anyone can visit and access any products and use it by them as they wish. 

3. There is an other one called as Consulting Partners, in which certified developers are the basic requirement for this Consulting Partner.



hope this helps you and i think this will clear your confusions. Mark as answer if this post is helpful to you..