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, Shall i want to Create (or) sign up another Developer Edition for next site....

I have a Developer Edition for development......


I plan to develop a site and give it to other Company (or) Organisation(Those are not having any idea about salesforce).......


Again I want develop another site, for another Organisation means, Shall i want to Create (or) sign up another Developer Edition.(because i know, in developer edition we can create only one site).......


Yes, you may need to create another developer account.


Hi , with the same developer account, u create another site with the steps u followed in creating the first site and add VF pages to be displayed in this site. u can create as many sites as u need in SF or there may be limit based on the edition. but u can create multiple sites in one developer account


Hi new2force,


It is not possible to create more than one site in a developer account unless otherwise you are talking about developer sandbox. This is what you would see if you try to create more than one site using a developer account,



Site creation failed: You have exceeded the number of licenses for your organization. You must first acquire a new license to create a new site.

Sorry, iam talking about developer sandbox . we r holding enterprise edition. If we are having free developer edition, it might be only one.


Thank for all to reply me......Also I have a doubt,

 I have gothrough about siteforce, VM force....


Actually Site force = Sites in force.com......is it correct?? or Site force is different......


Now these Siteforce and VMforce is available or not............


Plz provide more details about these............


site force is same as sites in force. they r just saying to make it popular siteforce so that they r pronouncing it as a feature

Vmforce also same as VF pages if u see anything ending with force it means it is the product of force.


sorry VM force may be not same as VF pages. still it is a feature  which is amde possible by VF pages


As far as i know, site force and vm force are not yet GA. With site force, you can build sites (similar to force.com sites) but it might be more easier to build a site.

VMforce is to host/build your java apps in the cloud.




Hey thanku so much for ur reply i got it now




   When can I use that siteforce and VMforce.....Then any other materials are available now to study the siteforce and VMforce...if U find Please share with me......


Thank you for your quick replies........




hey see there r lot of videos about VM in youtube 


for materials, search in google


Then site force???....Actually I need details siteforce urgently.....


common i have no idea about VMforce and siteforce . i have just read about them and searched in google for u and there r some videos in utube.  if u r expecting the person who have experience, then its not me coming to VM and siteforce.

sorry about hthat. try in utube for Siteforce too