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How to distinguish between "Bandwidth Exceeded" and "Service Request Time"?

We are running into a situation where we have exceeded the Service Request Time limit but since we're using the default "Bandwidth Exceeded" page that comes with sites the error message provided on the page doesn't really match up with the problem.  This has confused some of the managers of the project.


Is there any way to dynamically discover if the limit exceeded was caused by the Service Request Time limit or the Bandwidth Exceeded limit so we can display the proper message respectively using the same page?



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In summer09 release we renamed the error page and the error message as "Limit Exceeded"

you can distinguish which limit exceeded you can't show the page differently. The reason is that the limit exceeded page doesn't allow to have a controller. Otherwise you can keep serving data even though the limit exceeded. I'm not sure why you would want to show which limit exceeded to your users. I would show a generic error. this is more vaid for internal audience. For the internal audience you can use the site detail page 24h limit usage related page or you can down load the reporting package from appexchange.


We do have a pilot feature where you can set your own workflow and send email alerts to the users you want based on the criteria your want (like end an email to abc when the site x reaches 75% of the request time limit etc..). If you want to participate the pilot please send me an email at bcinarkaya@salesforce.com