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Does anybody know if there's a way to us Chatter Login as authentication for sites?

I'm wondering if anybody has tried to do this.   I know Chatter only allows you to use just chatter features.   But if you want to ease the "Sites" Authentication, so they don't have to login twice.   This is for temp type users where they aren't allowed to see any company information but we can use chatter to facilitate communications and they can still access some custom objects built out for internal use.



Could you bullet out the flow you are trying to achieve. I want to make sure I understand what you are trying to achieve.

I know your not allowed to put chatter information on sites but I just want to use their authentication as a valid user in the salesforce system.


Authenticate using the Salesforce Chatter User so that they can access sites.   (Not a portal user)


1) User Logs in as a Chatter User

2) If the User is logged into chatter and goes to sites.   The user gets a different view from what a person not logged into chatter would see.

3) If the User is not logged into chatter.   Maybe force the login to chatter or just display a plain site page.





I am still not sure I completely follow what you are trying to achieve (I get the concept though). Few options though:


1. Use the chatter Visualforce components. They will not render unless the org has chatter enabled. I haven't tried it on a sites page though.


2. In your controller try catching the REQUIRED_FEATURE_MISSING exception which was introduced in Winter 11




Did you happen to figure out if what you are trying to acheive is possible? I had the same question