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LinkPost for Campaign not showing "Title" property as link label

I'm using the code below to announce that a new lead has been added to the campaign's member list.  The problem I'm having is the lead's name field isn't displaying as the link's label.  What little documentation I've found says that when the type is LinkPost, the Title is supposed to be the link's label.  Instead, the link's label is the link iteself ("/00Q6xxxxxxx").


What am I doing wrong?



static public void AnnounceLead(Campaign aCampaign, Lead aLead)
  FeedPost opportunityPost = new FeedPost();  
  opportunityPost.parentId = aCampaign.Id;
  opportunityPost.Type = 'LinkPost';
  opportunityPost.Title = aLead.Name;
  opportunityPost.Body = 'Added a new lead.';
  opportunityPost.LinkURL = '/' + aLead.id;
  insert opportunityPost;