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Trigger to Block user to post Commnet on Chatter

As Admin can not prevent directly some profile based user to add comment. I have develope small trigger which can help you for this validation.


trigger RistrictUser on FeedComment (Before Insert) 
/*This trigger will restirct user to add comment on chatter*/
for(FeedComment FC: trigger.new)
    /*Following Code will get Current User information*/
    User u = [SELECT id,ProfileId,Profile.Name  FROM User WHERE id = :UserInfo.getUserId()];

    /*We are going to restrict user from 'Non-Chatter Users' profile */
        if(u.Profile.Name == 'Non-Chatter Users')
            FC.adderror('You can not post comment'); //You can Customize the error message here 




Let me know your feedback


Nice idea although your code needs some work to avoid governor limits etc. For example you should never call a SOQL query within a for loop.