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Chatter Blacklist application error

Hi All,


I've installed the chatter blacklist application and love it.  But I seem to get an error if I do 2 posts back to back that have filtered works.  I get: 


Error: Error: Feed item doesn't exist.


Anyone else have this issue or know of a fix?




Can you provide a little more info? Something like a screenshot, or debug log.


Also, what type of post are you doing? There is a bug I have to fix on FilePost or LinkPost.






Curious if there was any resolution to this.  Running into a similar error trying to "clean up"  user.currentstatus.  In the same vein as blacklisting but a little different.  Trying to prevent the 'just installed x' entirely.  I created a simple before update trigger on user to revert to the prior status but it throws that same error.  Debug log shows no errors so must be something behind the scenes?