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Chatter api and Java programming

Hello developers!


I am new to the chatter api.

I want to develop an app, a menu driven java app, that performs basic chatter operations through command line.

I am a java programmer by heart, and I have become really fond of chatter.


I have searched a lot for any java examples to access chatter resources like comments, posts, user details, but I have not found any sufficient material to start coding.

I found only two examples, one of which is to read posts from the user's profile and other to post a message on chatter.


It would be very supportive if I could get any links on how to use chatter api using java( not just chatter api documentation, but a good step by step tutorial)

Please guide!



Thank You.







If you're referring to the new Chatter REST API, the first thing you probably want to do is learn about REST. There are a bunch of tutorials online. You will also want to learn about OAuth2, which is used for authentication. I suggest that you read the standard (it took me a few times to grok it) to get a good hold on it. You also might want to use a REST client library to make interacting with REST from Java easier. There is some discussion about Java libraries on StackOverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/221442/rest-clients-for-java


Thank You Chris!!

That helped a lot!