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Attachments related list not rendering on force.com sites public page

I have a force.com sites visualforce page that is publicly exposed and is not rendering the Notes & Attachments related list even though this renders correctly for authenticated users or for other salesforce related objects that i have explicitly set permissions for in my guest access profile.   Here is the vf page snippet:



<apex:page standardController="MyCustomObject__c" extensions="MyControllerExtensionClass" showHeader="true" sidebar="true" cache="false" tabStyle="MyCustomObject__c" action="{!onLoad}">
include attachments related list below the form
since apex:relatedList tags cannot be nested within form tags
<apex:relatedList list="NotesAndAttachments" rendered="true" />
Is there a reason the notes and attachments related list is not rendering?  Also there is noplace on the guest permissions page i see where i can explicitly give the user permissions to view, create, edit and delete attachments...



The notes and attachments security is inherited from the object, so anytime you give read access to the object you should be giving access to the N&A as well.


Does the Guest user(on the site) have read access to the related object and is the sharing rules setup to expose the records?


The answer to those questions should resolve your issue.










I am facing a similar issue. Were you able to expose the Notes & Attachments on a public force.com site page.