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Login to Force.com Sites from a custom webpage



I have create Force.com Sites login and enabled it for our Customer Portal Users and it is working fine. We created the Site Login page using the standard page provides by Salesforce and customized css and designs for the page keeping the core functions and code of the page intact.


We provide the link to the login page to our users or redirected them to the login page when they clicked on the links in our website.


Now we have a requirement where we want the login available in the same page instead of a link. (meaning no redirects to the existing login page) For example like the Facebook login page. So when the user go to our website

http://ourwebsite.com/customerportal, they will have the login, forgotpassword and new user registration options there. So they can enter their username and password there and then go to the portalHome page.


The existing loginpage (visualforce and apexcontroller) still works fine. Need to move the login to our website which is using ASP .Net and C#.


Can this by achieved? What is the best way to get this done?





Why not create a form expected by the Force.com site page. From your external site, post the form to your Force.com site login page url. It should work exactly the same, as it is working now.