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Authorization Required

I have a public site enabled where a public user is supposed to submit a work order request (there is a work order object that is a parent to a proposal object).  The user can go to the page enter in all the information but when submit is clicked the user is redirected to a generic force.com "Authorization Required You must first log in or register before accessing this page."  But the funny thing is that the work order is successfully submitted (I checked in the system) and I get a reply email setting me know that my request was submitted.  It's a standard custom object and thecustom page is only using that object for it's controller.  Is there something I'm missing?  The public access permissions have the CRUD all set to that object and the child object.


Do you have a re-direct page after users submit the work order? For example, if users submits work order then re-direct the user to a different page or just display thank you message or something on the same page.


Hope you are not performing them right now, and may be thats the reason why you are seeing authorization reuquired page.


Also make sure you add the VF page, to your site profile.




As you said, if it is not an access issue, there must be an exception coming while processing your request OR while redirecting the VF page. The easiest way to find the error is to run your VF page using SFDC user and not publicly. Make sure you have <apex:messages> tag in yout VF page and the error/exception will be definetely shown there.