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Restrict Private Groups from Admin's

Is there a way to set up a private group and only have one admin have access?  We currently have 4 admins and there is a requirement to set up a Private Group for Executive's and only have one of the admins have access.  The way I understand it is that all admins can see the Chatter in Private groups.  Thanks



Hey there, I'm one of the product managers for Chatter. Currently admins have access to view into private groups. We're working on a solution for that, timeline is still TBD. Something else that's on the roadmap will be secret groups which won't be found in search etc.


Thats what I thought...........thanks for the update.


Hi kimmi8,


I am looking for a workaround where a particular user is being restricted to follow any other using within same org.


Is there any such workaround available?


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Devendra S

Kishan TrambadiyaKishan Trambadiya


I want to know more about the private group?? how it work?? how it created?? is it safe or not?? how can we integrate with our app??

please tell me about it..


Thank you..