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How to do this

At the top of the page at Salesforce there is an option for LEADS and EVENTS
I always go to the LEADS section and put in the name and information of the LEAD.
The LEAD is a company that will rent my Event space many times over the year.
Now I go to the EVENT section and click on NEW 
A new section for Event opens up and I go the the CELL that says LEAD and look up the Lead.
After choosing the lead the Cell populates with the name of the LEAD.  All this is good
Why is only the name coming up - I would also like to see the other information i put in about this lead - like telephone number / company name etc. so that i do not need to type it in again - is there anything that can be done ?
 thank you 

Assuming you have developer force account.

  1. Click Your Name -> Setup -> Customize -> Chatter -> Feed Tracking.
  2. Select Lead .
  3. Select Enable Feed Tracking.
  4. Select all the fields you need to track(ie- address, phone no, company name etc)
  5. Click Save.

That's it!!!