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how to integrate ?

i want to integrate my exisiting web application with chatter please help i am using .net platform

what i have to do for fast integration or i get only gateway for chatter i have to code & design

my priority is i dnt want to consume time on design i want chatter as a module that can be added in my application so please guide me.


can you please tell me please consider my application .


we have developed ABC project on asp.net by using framework 4.0 and now we want your chatter to intergate into application & i dont want to design i need controls of chatter which i can place on my pages are you providing controls toolkit for .net ?

i can use those control by using parameter etc.


example for wall :

if i want to display wall of emp a and for this i just want to drag chatter control of wall & by using para

are you providing these controls ?


I dont know about how chatter functionality can be provided on .net


You could look over here-








Sorry we do not have Chatter controls available for ASP.Net at this time.