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Customization for Chatter

Hello Board,


I have couple of queries with respect to Chatter customization.



Suppose there are 10 Users in one org.


Suppose there are three public groups A, B , C.


Users in group A should able to view all records from the Org.


Users in group B must able to view all records created by Users who belongs to Group B.


Users in group C must able to view all records created by Users who belongs to Group C.


Users in Group B should not view records related to Group C and vice versa.


Users in Groupd A should able to see all records.


And the last is Users of Group A can assign records to Group B and C.


I was also looking for a way to disable unfollow functionality. So that Users in Group B will never get a chance to follow users in Group C. But all Users in Org are visible in People section, which makes Unfollow functionality impossible.


Chatter update should be based on above criterias.


Is there any way for such customization in Chatter?





I guess the solution is to-


1.Create a new group with some members.

2.Create a new permission Set

3. For the permission set created above,

Apps | Object and Field Permissions | Object Name "Group"

4. Check/Uncheck group permissions.


This should work, if a license can be applied to a group,with no limit on number of group members.