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Modifying Chatter with CSS Help


Please, I am very new to Chatter and Salesforce for that matter (and have no experience coding for it yet), and need to remove email addresses from displaying on Chatter. I was told it could be accomplished using CSS, but can't find any information on where to access the CSS. Could someone please be kind enough to tell me a "For Dummies" way to access that code so I could modify it? Taking steps to acquaint myself with it all, but the learning curve might take me a little while and this is a change I need to make right now.
Many thanks in advance. 


What email addresses do you want to remove?

Give an example of the situation.


We have created some groups on Chatter and realized we would rather emails were not shared between users since some users start emailing each other and then re-posting the same questions over and over and having our group leaders have to constantly keep repeating themselves, which destroys the point of Chatter for us, so a decision was made that we would just like to remove all emails from appearing on Chatter as a way of ensuring that conversations stayed within Chatter itself. We were told by someone during a salesforce event that it could be done by modifying a particular section of the CSS:

profileSectionData emailAddr

The idea being that if we add a display:none to our CSS code it would hide the email addresses from appearing. 

Unfortunately I've been searchign for a way to make that modification forseveral days now with no luck.

Any help would be deeply appreciated :-)



I assume you want to remove email id from profile page, please correct me if i am wrong.


You can use following CSS:







But i wonder, where you are going to apply this CSS. Please let me know, if you can able to override User Profile Page.





Hi Devendra

Thank you so much for your reply. Yes, that is what I would like to do. The issue is not figuring out what to modify on the css, but actually getting to where I could edit the css for Chatter to begin with. I know it's a newbie question, but have been looking every where and can't figure out where to find the actual code in  a way I could edit it.

Any ideas?


If you have firefox, install the ColorZilla Addon.

When you ask it to analyse Chatter profile page, it gives you all the CSS files(with download link), chatter uses in its User Interfacealong with their location of application in the web page!

Eg- You could get what CSS has been used in the Comment dialog box!





Hi kodeX

Thank you for the reply, but the main question is not where on the CSS to modify  the code, but how to find the Editable code for Chatter to begin with. I can modify the code once I am there, but have been looking all over Salesforce for a way to edit the code to Chatter.