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Syncing MySQL data with Salesforce using REST

We are developing a php/ html5/css3 application running on our own LAMP server.

At this point we would like to be able to connect the mysq database php app on our web server to SF. 

Our intention is to have our contacts utilize the php app and portal running on our server and then use the REST API to sync contact data with SF so that we can utilize the CRM functionality.

Is this possible and if so could you suggest the best method to accomplish this?






Tran ManTran Man

Have you checked out the PHP toolkit?  Link to PHP toolkit


Thanks Nick.



What we are doing is offering an application to our customers that requires portal login.
We have approximately 4,500 active users that are storing documents, images and details.
It was suggested that we use database.com, but from what I understand it would require portal licenses that are $10.00 / user/ month.
In our case that would be 4,500+ portal licenses.
The cost per user us too expensive.
Our thinking is that we can allow the contacts to use the application and portal functionality on our machines and then allow that contact data to be updated in SF data via the API.
Updates made in SF would also be pushed to our machines. 
ie: The customer updates his address on our site and then our SF data would then be updated.
Can this be done?




One thing to keep in mind is that REST can only act on one resource at a time.  If you have a MySQL database full of data, you're going to want to upload it to Salesforce with the Bulk API the first time.  You'll also want your design to consider which REST posts need to be synchronous, and which ones can be batched up posted all at once on the Bulk API.  1 REST call gets counted the same as 1 Bulk call for up to 10,000 records, in terms of your daily API limits.