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RE : Rest API Integration



How can use Rest API in my Salesforce Account....

Please anybody help me..............

I want to connect  with Java environment....................


And I Installed one Package called "Rest Explorer"  How can I Use that...........

Please give me a Quick Response




Anusha - you should start with the REST API Developer's guide.  It has a complete walk through of the API and has some samples for getting started in Java with an HTTP Client and our service endpoint (http://{instance}.salesforce.com/services/data/v21.0/), where instance is something like na7, na5, na9, etc. 




The REST Explorer is a point and click way of seeing and manipulating your data through a tab in Salesforce.  It uses an HttpClient in Apex to connect to the REST API and returns both a formatted response and the raw response.  Use it when you're planning what you'd like your program to do.


Thats ok, but How can i configure that Apache...   stuff, thats what i need

if you know please help me


Google is your friend:




Most important thing is that you need to support ssl for the callback url.


You may also find the following article helpful:



Mariappan PerumalMariappan Perumal



I am working with rest api and i have read the whole things in this Getting Started with Rest Api.



I have 2 questions


1) without enable SSL in my local server , it is not possible to rest api ah. 

 2) How can i get the necessay file (apache httpclient 3.1, apache logging, apache codec) suitable to my java version and so.

The link given there is showing all the versions of that things. 


Kindly assist me  with this.


Thanks in advance.