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API Integration with Oracle ERP - R12



I am trying to integrate sales force with Oracle ERP, hence I need help on this how to integrate using API coding as I am new to this integration.


Please find the details below:


I am trying to push accounts, contacts, opportunities and quotes into oracle. Since the order has to be generated from oracle, the required details from sales force has to be pushed. But I understand that oracle ERP has different tables which is referred by a single field or ID, hence I need help on how to go about this and do the integration using API codes.


Also I need help on how to give the sequences/validations while inserting the data.


Please help me regarding this!!!





Do you mean "Crm on Demand" by saying "Oracle ERP".I can help you about this ,of course if you still need help


No it is not "CRM on Demand". Oracle ERP R12 is a Enterprise Resource Planning solution from oracle for its customers. It has nothing to do with CRM. It is basically used to generate orders and keep a record of it.


I get it.Basically, the main structure is ,first you download the wsdl file from EBS and you have to generate proxy classes in to SF by using "Generate From WSDL" button now you are ready to use EBS web service.


What exactly is EBS? If you can guide me through the steps, it would be helpful.


And I am using a professional edition of salesforce. Hence I will not be able to generate WSDL right!!!


Check the following link.It gives some idea how can you download wsdl file from EBS.


But the main problem is using professional edition.I know it does not include "GEnerate From Wsdl Button".Now you have 2 options.First,You have to create your proxy classes manually by parsing wsdl xml( but i never suggest this option:) and second options creating a developer account.If i were you,I will create a developer account and do some test in this account.


Hi All,


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Ajay SarojAjay Saroj
Hi cloudmania,
We have similar requirement of integrating mobile application which is a SAAS based hosted in amazone(cloud). Now we need to integrate this mobile application with the EBS 12.1.3.We need to pull and push data from EBS as well as from mobile application. Please suggest how we could achive the same. How to implemet the WSDL ? It would be great help if you could mail the suggestions at a.saroj@transasia.co.in

Ravi TripathiRavi Tripathi
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