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Accessing the Web Applications in FDC using single SignOn



     I am working on invoking a webservice present in ne org(say target org) from another org(say source org) using Apex REST. I am successful in achieving this using oAuth 2.0 where I need to gives target credentials and approve to access target service.

I want to know is there any way to implement the same without asking the source to give the credentials of target. Or in other way , whenever the source logs into his account, he should be able to invoke what ever service he needs without giving any credentials. Exaclty like what soap does(ofcourse you need to have targets WSDL for soap). I think this concept is similar to Single Sing On.


Any help is highly appreciated.


Single sign on (otherwise known as delegated auth) will work in conjunction with oauth2.  But it still requires the service to implement a SOAP-based SSO server.