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How to retrieve all the hash tags used with in a group



Would like to know, if there is a way to know and retrieve the has tags used within feed posts that belong to a specific group. Or a mechanism to create and store the favorites for each specific group.


Please do let us know, if there is any alternatives to the topics(they need not be trending topics) that are being discussed. I guess, a topic becomes a trending topic only after some number of posts or comments made with a #top or #hash_tag


Please help us.








Jia HuJia Hu

You can calculate #topic by yourself.


Firstly, retrieve all the feedbody of a specific Chatter group, or something else,


Round around each feedbody, and then


String feedbody = '#ad#dd #3333 ## 12333#';
List<String> topics = feedbody.split('#');
Integer topiccnt = 0;
for(integer i = 0; i < topics.size(); i++) {
if( topics[i].length() > 0 ) {

System.debug(' topic count = ' + topiccnt);