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Python API Client library for Chatter

Hi all,


Thought I should announce here that I've written a Python library for the Chatter API, and released it under an MIT license:




It's heavily influenced by the awesome Python Twitter Tools library, which is a proven and robust library for the Twitter API. You can find more details on the Github page.


I hope others find this work useful, hit me up (@stevewinton on Twitter) with any questions or feedback.





Looks cool, the reflective url building is interesting, and it handily works around having to embed much version-specific knowledge into the library.


To access the full power of the Chatter API you may want to consider adding JSON input support, as discussed in your other thread that's the only way to post @-mentions, as well as multipart binary support for uploading content.


Thanks for the feedback, will look into adding support for @-mentions etc. as you suggest.




Chris CruzChris Cruz
With this tool, is there a way to post on chatter on a specific record type? For example, I'd like to create a notification via chatter on a specific record if it meets a s et of conditions.