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How to restore deleted chatter posts

Hello Guys,


I was wondering is thtere any way I can restore deleted chatter posts ?

I have recenlty come accross this case.

I have been trying to query Accountfeed object but even if I query i onlyget to see those posts that I can see on the Account object.


That makes me wondering what is the purpose of "isdeleted" filed on the accountfeed object.


Please let  me know your thoughts.




Jia HuJia Hu

When you delete any Chatter posts, it is hard delete, no recovery.


When you delete a Account record, this Account will be put in the Recycle Bin for some time.

At this time, if this Account has any Chatter post, the IsDeleted item of AccountFeed will be true  i.e., IsDeleted = true.


If you undelete this Account, all the Chatter post of this Account will be recovered.


Query the AccountFeed in the Recycle Bin with all rows, like


AccountFeed af = [Select Id, Body, IsDeleted From AccountFeed Where parentid = '001T000000w0ORx' all rows ];
System.debug( af );


If a chatter post is hard deleted, does it still remain on a server?




Is there any way to see who deleted a post on chatter?