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Need to copy chatter feed from chatter(FeedItem) on record to chatter group(CollaborationGroup)



Below is the requirement.

I have 3 records a,b and c and I need to track the chatter posts of these 3 records. Instead of going to each record and check the chatter post, I need to create a chatter group and I need to push a chatter post on these records to that chatter group. So that people who are part of this group can check the posts on a,b and c in the chatter group.

I'm not sure if this can be achievable using sfdc api.

Please suggest the solution as soon as possible.

Jia HuJia Hu

You can copy Chatter FeedItem by Apex.


Based on your case, you can create a Trigger on FeedItem to monitor the posts on 3 records, and copy the posts to a Chatter Group.


Be careful, what you copied is not the original post, since the ParentId of the posts (FeedItem record) is different.

In the posts on records, the ParentId of the FeedItem record is the Id of the 3 records, a, b, and c;

but when you copy the feed to the Group, the ParentId of each post is turned into the GroupId,...


Therefore, you have to add the 3 records information in the posts by yourself,....


If  standard users want to see the posts on records, they can simply follow the 3 records and then they can see the posts on their Chatter Tab; If the Chatter Free users want to see the Object feeds, you can use this method,...