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Delete Chatter Ids

I have a salesforce org say "X developer" where i created all our organisation chatter ids. as name@CompanyName.com to learn how chatter works. but now as we are planning to put the same in New Salesforce CRM org. 

While sending the invitations to the co-workers. and when co-workers accept and try to create a chatter username as name@companyName.com it Shows "username already Exists". as understood yes a user can create the chatter ids with a different chatter ids like name.chatter@companyName.com etc. but that will enforce the user to remember two email ids(username) 
1. Actual email id.
2. salesforce chatter Id

Now How can I create chatter id keeping the same convention of name@companyName.com. or is there a way to delete unwanted chatter ids created in our sf Org.

Considerations : in X developer account i am ready to deactivate the user. 

Please Help !
I am in badly need for a solution.


Jia HuJia Hu
You can't delete a user but you can disable a user and change the Username.

If you supply more than one Org for the same user, you can consider use Single Sign On to avoid remembering different username and password.