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Uploading a comment to a users chatter instance

I am trying to push a comment from my code into the Chatter instance for a user.  I have been able to use the SOAP API and the UserFeed object to get what comments are out there for my account but I am not sure how I can push a new comment out there from my application.  Do I have to use the REST API to do this?

Jia HuJia Hu
SOAP API will be fine. But if you wan to insert comments, you have to use FeedComment object.

For insert Feed, you have to use FeedItem object.

Let me step back and explain what I am trying to do.  I am using an older version of the api.  I have the partner wsdl 20 for use.  That wsdl has the FeedPost.  I simply want to have a message show up in the chatter UI for a specific user.  In order to do this, I am querying the user's ID from an API call.  I have tried to pass the value into various ID fields within the schema and I keep getting an error saying the ID is not the appropriate one for the field I am using.  I checked for the FeedItem within the wsdl and could not find it.  What fields do I need to set within the FeedPost to make the message post to the chatter for a specific user? 


I think you just need to set the "ParentId" field in the FeedPost to the id of the record/user on whose feed you want the item to show up in.