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Jim F.ax281Jim F.ax281 

Can I open a Chatter entry screen from my application?



I have a requirement for the ASP.NET-based web app I'm currently working on.  I'm supposed to click a button and open a web popup containing a page allowing the user to post a Chatter message.  The user would have to log into SFDC if they weren't already authenticated, and if they then submit their entry, it would then post that message to their SFDC instance.  Ideally, I would be able to feed a URL & some text into the entry fields in that popup.  I really don't want to dig into OAuth for this, so is there any kind of workaround?  Is there a URL in SFDC that would allow me to go straight to a Chatter entry screen, preferably without the standard SFDC tabs on top?


Thanks very much, Jim