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Sanchivan SivadasanSanchivan Sivadasan 

Salesforce Sites and IP Restrictions

Hi there,


Does the IP Restrictions that we set at the Setup->Security Controls->Network Access and at the Profile level affect the salesforce sites? We are looking into see if we can make use of Sites, but we want anyone outside of our organization to access this page, but in our Salesforce environment we have IP restrictions at the org level and at profile level as well. 


Thank You.


Force.com Sites has its own set of IP addresses. It is attached to the guest user profile.




I have created an force.com site for my client. The org has IP restrictions both @ profile level and network whitelist.


however, the guest profile has no ip restrictions set in that profile ... so it is accessible publicly.


this proves that IP restrictions set in the org or not applicable for force.com sites only IP set in the guest profile will be enforced.


hope this clarifies.