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How to display the object fields in site

i created LeadGrid Visualforce page .after i created site i add the LeadGrid visualforce page in this site.after i click on URL  Lead Grid page details displayed in site but Fields and data will not showing this is the problem. how can solve this problem.


i want to display the all columns heards and data of lead in site . pls help me.......................


Are you using the controllers for this ? If yes have you checked the permissions on the class ?


hi jo20 thanks for your post. yes i am using class.  my task is i created apexclass and visualforce page .i.e

                                                                                                          i.LeadCustController (apex class)

                                                                                                          ii.LeadGridPage(visualfore page)

i run the visualfore page data displayed in LeadGrid Page. same like i created site in this site i need to display the LeadGrid Page with data.  page displayed in site but data not displayed. how can solve this problem . pls help me...........



On the site setting page please check for the profile access where you can add class permission.


Click on sites > CLick on the site page > Public Access Settings > Apex Class Access 


Add the class that you are using to the list.




thanks for your post  JO20. Now working fine .

1) i have  doubt in site i added Home ,Account,Contact,Opportunity  tabs. i click on Account ,Contact...... tabs display the Authorization Required page.that is   asking username and password . which username and pwd i can use? pls help me





You have to set Field level security from


Click on sites > CLick on the site page > Public Access Settings > 


for all the fields you want to display on th site. You will see authorization page if you get any error on page.