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How may “New Action Plan” allow me to pick from among existing Action Plan Templates?

My Question: How can I associate a new Action Plan to a pre-existing Action Plan Template so I can share the same multi-step process when working with multiple objects?


Context: In our sandbox we created an Action Plan Template. In the same sandbox we have a Grant Project object to which we’ve attached Action Plans which appears at the bottom of the Grant Project screen. From the Action Plans portion of the Grant Project form we can click the button named “New Action Plan” to create a new action plan member to the Grant Project (the Action Plan Creation). The user is taken to the Action Plan screen and thereby able to create a New Action Plan.


Expected functionality: I would like to select the Action Plan Template I created separately as the starting place for all the tasks I want to trigger in my Action Plan process.


Actual functionality: I am forced to type a new name for “Action Plan Name” field, and have no ability to pre-populate this action plan with an existing Action Plan Template. I can’t get to the Action Plan Templates with this form; instead, I am required to hand-type all the steps, because it isn’t cloning or in any way associating this new action plan with the pre-existing Action Plan Template.


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I just reviewed the Action Plan demo video posted on App Exchange, and I realize our sandbox may have some relevant differences.


In the video, the user was shown clicking a "Create Account Action Plans" button, and it brought him to a New Action Plan / Select an Action Plan Template form.


I didn't get to this point... instead, in my sandbox, I click the "New Action Plan" button and it brings me to an Action Plan / New Action Plan form.


I would prefer to get the former result instead of the latter. Can this be solved by changing the Action Plans web part on my Grant Project form?



hello experts - any Action Plan gurus out there who can comment on my problem getting Action Plan Templates to pre-populate the actions for an Action Plan instance?


Alternatively, is there a different place which is recommended for my Action Plan question?


Did you ever get a response to this? I can't the Action Plan Lookup field to show up either. Even after pulling it in to the Action Plan Page layout and ensuring it is viewable and editable. Wah!